Teacher and Sucesss

Some students succeed because of their teachers, other succeed with or without their teacher while the rest succeed despite their teacher.

Discuss what based on your understanding from this statement and your take from it

Success may means someone who is rich and famous or simply changed the world in a great way. In my opinion, successful people usually have a great teacher or mentor to lead them to success. However, there are also other cases such as succeeding with or without the help of teachers or succeed in spite of their teachers influence.

Many successful people like Google founder, Larry Page and famous poet, Su Shi were inspired by their teachers or lectures during their study. Not only do students learns academic knowledge from their teachers but also students characteristics are influenced by teachers through the interaction and advice given by their teachers. Teachers usually have a better understanding of the students weakness and strength through observation as a result, they can give suitable advice to the students which may lead them to success.

While there are some who still succeed with or without the help of their teachers. They may lack of suitable teachers to learn and obtain advice but have the urge to become successful. In this case they will turn to other resources such as books. In Africa, education is rare but William Kamkwamba, a 14 years old boy built a windmill which generates electricity from knowledge he learned from books in the library. His creations has lead him to become famous and inspired others as well.

Last but not least, there are whom the action of success is not influenced by their teacher. Many famous dropouts such as Mark Zuckerberg, who came out with an idea to make social interaction through the internet. Mark created Facebook during his study in Harvard, it became famous and he discontinued study to run his own company. Mark’s success had little relationship with his teachers but rather came from the universities environment. Hence, students success may not be related with their teachers even they studied from them.

Conclusively, the process of success is affected by many elements, one of the elements is the education from teachers.



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