The Existence of Museum


Nowhere in the world has the issue of museum’s progress been so much debated as in society. What do the government should do about this?

In our current society, information about a culture or history can found in the internet or books in the library, museum has seem to become useless for some.However, in my opinion museum is still a great place for education purpose and preserving the relics. While the government should collaborate with the museum by ensuring the museum have enough fund and help increasing the visitors number through tourism.

First of all, museum is a great place for education about history and local culture by teaching through informal way. Students will have a more vivid memory of a past event because they can observe from different angle to the smallest details on the artifacts. For example, the fine drawings detail on the Qing Dynasty Porcelain can only be found in the museum. Students who see the Porcelain themselves will have a deeper impression of the remarkable arts compare to learning it through textbook. All in all, museum is an ideal place for learning especially history and culture subject.

Although in our modern society, information can be obtained within our reach, museums are still the best place to preserve the culture and history knowledge. Despite the advance technology we have, we still cannot replicate the artifacts or artwork from master 100 percent. Hence, museum will be the place to keep these item for study purpose while opening for public to enjoy. For example, a newly discovered tombstone can be sent to the museum for exhibition while the researcher can work inside the museum because the museum have the required storage facility and tools. Consequently, museum is the best place to preserve history and cultural items.

Daily expense can be huge burden for the museums even for those which collect entry ticket. Other than keeping the relics and paintings in a safe environment, these items must also be kept under a certain temperature and humidity to longer its storage life span. The government can provide fund for the museums to apply. Only those who reached the standard of preserving the relics will be given the fund. By doing so, the government also ensures the quality of the museums in the same time. Museum should be given financial support in order to manage the collection exhibition cost and open for others to study.

Last but not least, the government can include museum into tourism industry and advertise them as well. Tourist can learn the culture and history of the country by visiting the museum. For example, the Malaysia National museum have a wide variety of collections related with the history and culture of the past Malay, Chinese and Indian lifestyle. Tourism will eager to visit the museum because it has a rich culture and history value. For this reason, government should develop museum as a tourism spot by helping them through advertising to increase the visitors number.

In short, museum still retains its role in the society because of the need for education and preserving culture and history of our civilization. Government should help the museum through financial aid and advertise it as a tourism area.


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