Why should you choose the Macbook Air 11-inch

I started writing this before the release of Macbook (yes, this article took me 6 months to finish) as I am planning to buy the Macbook Air but surprised when Apple named something thinner and lighter than the Air with something was supposed to be bulky. Well anyhow, I bought the Macbook Air 11 inch, 2015 version and I believed this should be the gold standard for all laptops.


First of all, let me walkthrough all the specs in case there are any tech geek reading this.

My Macbook Air comes in a 5th generation Intel i5 processor clocked at 1.4 GHz with Intel HD graphics 6000, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 128GB of storage, 4GB of memory(RAM), single thunderbolts 2 and last but not least the Mag Safe connector for charging. Opening the lit we see a 135 ppi(pixle per inch) scaling a 1366×768 resolution 11.6 inch screen and a LED backlit keyboard with the small touch pad.

I know it’s not exciting at all, but after a month of using, it’s not showing signs of slowing at all.

Running 10 tabs of chrome, a few python/C program running in while loop, full HD video playing at the background, the Macbook Air handles all smoothly. We are living in an era where the computer computation power overtook the load of our daily basis software.



DSC_0802            The iconic unibody found in macbook are the best of all laptops, it’s been 8 years since the first macbook air, still no windows pc has the chassis as good as the Macbook series. The design is sleek, metallic profile almost became an artwork on your desk when it’s closed.

The trackpad texture, click force and multi gestures are among the best I used. The matt texture glass panel provides a little resistant but still smooth enough for our fingers tips to move around with ease. Clicks are effortless to click even when you are holding the Air with your left hands, you can still click on the trackpad with no counter force apply to your left hands. Multi gestures can be customized in the menu for best user experience, the instruction is clearly written for first time users and gestures detection is accurate and responsive.

Last but not least, the Macbook Air’s full day battery life is superb, with normal use I only need to charge once two day on a full charge. The charging speed is also abnormally fast, my battery can charge from 15 percent till full in less than one and a half hour. This speed is similar to some fast charging technology used in smartphones. There is no information on the web indicates that Apple implement fast charging technology in their Macs but I advice Macbook users out there to keep their charging records as low as possible for long term battery health.

img source from ifixit
Extraordinary high battery to logic board space ratio.

Last but not least, the fan, as the only part moving in the Macbook Air 11, the fan rarely crank up to full speeds. Hence, Apple had done a great job in thermal management. After a month of use, I only heard the fan cranked up once, which happened when I was opening xcode, pycharm, safari, chrome, sublime text, finder all in a short period of time. Both browsers are running 10 active tabs including facebook and youtube playing videos.



Yosemite is the default os included in the Macbook Air, however, I had updated it to El Capitan and it’s still as blazing fast as ever.

First of all, there isn’t any noticeable lag during heavy load. The only time it lags was multiple word documents opening in the same time. Otherwise, it’s overall smoother then normal windows pc. Opening chrome in windows require a few seconds to load, while in Yosemite or El Capitan, the windows pop up almost immediately.

split screen function in El Capitan still lacks the easiness of windows


Design is great and inspiring, most icons and layout are well designed. I love the build-in notification functions which works like a charm as you can always be notified from your favorite social network without opening them in the browser.

Overall, if you are a Linux users there is always a seats for you here. If you are a windows user, you will faced a heavy learning curve, once you overcome it, you wouldn’t want to go back to windows pc.



So who should buy a Macbook Air 11 inch model?

Well the first category is students, if you are finding a light computer which can provide you a long use without a external power, you should go for the Macbook Air 11 inch education price (hint: you don’t need any certification or special email to buy at this price). Moreover, you don’t need to deal with software issues which could be easily found in Window PC, this means you could save most time troubleshooting problems and security issues thanks to the tighter restrictions.


Secondly, you are an app or web developers on a budget, the decent screen and powerful computing powers will be enough for your need. The developer support for OS X is huge comparing with Linux with less compatibility problems than Windows. Plus, you can develop native iOS app with Xcode available only in OS X, so consider that as add on features for Mac users.

Above all, the Macbook Air is the best performance to budget class when comparing with Ultrabook class computers.