On the path to sorority

Take a deep breath and look back to the past few years about the trend and technologies that influenced our life, as well as a decade more to the comparison of lifestyle between our parents and our own. We are currently on a trend to live by ourselves, solely without much interaction with others humans being.



Lets start with the life in city, as most of the trend begins from. As the space for development in the city areas becomes more limited than ever, architect started to go for higher grounds and smaller living space to accommodate more working force to generate values to the city. The apartments and cube office are designed to boost the use of a limited space to achieve higher production value. As time goes by, each of these space efficient design has pushed beyond the boundaries as we seen living capsule in Hong Kong and Japan, telecommuters to remove the needs of a working office.

Thats when the sprout of sorority begins to grow, but it really nourished when technology comes into our daily lives. With the help of the internet, personal electronics became popular among the X and Y generations. People starting to cover their ears with speakers and later visually limiting to the small screen on their palms. We are now interacting with each other with the help of the internet, we can virtually connected with each individual, speaking, laughing, sharing information just the same in the real life. When we are thrown back to reality, we can’t really do as much as we are in the virtual world.

Selfie, as the meaning of taking a photo of our own without the aid of a second party. There are many scenarios where we can simply ask a passer by to take the shot for us, instead we do it by ourselves. Currently we are seeing more solutions of improving this action such as selfie stick, selfie camera, better front facing camera…(I don’t use trend because they tend to go and being forgotten, selfie is going to stay this time). In the future, drones may do the task even better as corporations started to dip into this possible sectors. We can finally take a normal photo of our own from a far distance simply from the control of our smartphones.

If we look for more technology trend in the future, arguement reality or virtual reality, smartwatches and the most importantly Artificial Intelligent. These might one day be the only we need to communicate with each other in an non-reality environment. We started to experience the thrill of the endless possibility and the potential of both AR and VR could bring to us. Technology giants have made their first move, acquiring start-ups company which are pioneering in these fields. We seen Apple Mataio, Facebook took Oculus, while Microsoft decided to build their own future and many more. In the next few decades we will see sci fiction came into reality. The problem, people never foresee the price of living in a sci-fi world, neither the reader nor the creator. As most of our lessons were learnt from our history books. We never knew what would really happens if it hadn’t happened before.
Currently we are on the lane to live as a solo being, either we are on the express lane or not, one day we might not even care about this issues anymore as it becomes a widely accepted fact. A fact that strapping a black box on your face to hangout with your friends can be a daily habit as well.