Rooster Cafe and Vintage Review

Since my first semester just ended, I think it would be nice to visit some of the cafe in Taipei. The first cafe I went was the Rooster Cafe and Vintage.
It’s located near Zhong Shan MRT station the cafe is located around 9 minutes walk from the station. It’s a rainy morning so the streets are quite.


The internal design certainly is “vintage” as the name implies. Most furniture looks refurbished from second hand market, with patches around it. While the black and white floor tiles definitely reminds me of the 80s diners in the US.



The food:

I ordered rooster’s classic breakfast(公鸡经典早餐) with a cup of Americano.

The taste? Well, first of all the bread has no additional seasoning, not even garlic or butter, bacon and ham chew like its artificial, mashed potato is cold, lack of seasoning.

The best thing in the breakfast is the scrambled egg and the salad. Not because its good or delicious but both have the least mistakes compare to the bread, meat, potato. The scrambled egg despite the lack of seasoning, the texture is right to the point where it’s still runny with some char at the outer side. Salad have no dressing but at least the lettuce is fresh and crips.

I really hope there are some herbs or butter during the preparation for increased aroma.





Sadly I forgot to took a photo before I drank.

The coffee taste meh. Not bad nor particularly good. Coffee beans isn’t the best same as the expresso with water ratio. The expresso is way too much. (my guess is because the cup is too small?)


Overall, unless you are the nostalgic type of person and doesn’t have particularly picky taste bud. This is a good cafe to spend your morning with a rustic dining environment in front of a quite street. If you aren’t that person, I wouldn’t recommend otherwise.

Link to the cafe location (Google Map)