Talents and Weakness

We should not bother to change ourselves; instead, we should seek out opportunities to fully utilize our talents and try to make our weaknesses irrelevant. What’s your view on this?

All of us have our own talents and role to play in this world; I partially agreed to the topic which we should fully utilize our talents but I believe we must also correct our weakness even by changing ourselves. The reason is because overcoming weakness can propel our talents further and made us more competitive than others who share the same talent as ours.

A persons talents are limited by other weakness. As we tried to maximize our talents there will be challenges required other traits to overcome them. These traits maybe the opposite in ones characters. For example, a visionary entrepreneur will have difficulties to present his own vision or idea if he have communication disorder to present them in front of the audience. Margaret Thatcher was a visionary female politician to help improve the life of the United Kingdom. However, she had a soft and unpersuasive tone which stops her to become successful in the Parliament. But she trained hers intonation day and night in order to earn votes and believers during the Prime Minister election speech. In the end, Margarets firm and confident voice helped her to became the first female minister as well as the longest holding minister in the modern UK history. Hence, a successful talented person must always overcome the weakness when it holds the talent back.

In a globalized society, we faced competitors from all over the world. This means there are always people who performed better in the same talent as we do no matter how hard we train. Hence, limiting our own weakness can also increase our competitivity against others. When a company is hiring a new engineer, they no longer look for the best engineer but engineer with additional skills rather than just their own profession. For example, companies may find people with great communication skills as they need to work together with others or leadership skills to lead a project. Therefore, the modern society is seeking for people who have less weakness but still talented people.

Above all, while we are sharpening our talents to cope with the modern society we must not forget to deal with our weakness to fully make use of our talents and win in the globalize society.


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