Endangered Animals

Some countries and individuals try to deal with the problems of animal extinction. Others think it is more important to deal with problems of human beings. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Currently, thousands of endangered species in the world will be vanished from the nature within the coming decades. There are arguments whether countries and individuals should put their effort on dealing with the damage from the action of humans or saving these animals. In my point of view, the problems of human beings should come first than the problem of animal extinction, as the formal ones is the root of this problem.

According to the history, most animals extinct are likely because humans either consume them or destroy their habitat. The extinction of Dodo bird is an example that humans hunt them as food source while develop the island for plantation cause the Dodo to extinct. To prevent this from repeating on other endangered animals, the government around the world has their own laws to punish poachers who hunt animals illegally. Educating individuals about the importance of these animals will result in lowering the demand for endangered animals and devaluating the purpose of hunting these animals. Without the intervention of human these animals will be able to live peacefully in their own habitat and avoid from being threatening.

On the other hand, some endangered animals population is diminishing so fast, that protecting them under an enclosed environment for breeding is a general solution to preserve the species. For instance the government of China setup a sanctuary for Panda in Chengdu in order to increase the Panda populations by providing good care of their health and rate of reproduction. This sanctuary will provide protection for the young pandas from predators and diseases when they are still vulnerable and will then released them into the wild after they are matured. Turning to the individual part, individuals can donate to non-profit organization such as the WWF raising the fund of conserving endangered animals around the globe. These efforts made by both the government and personal will definitely help to relieve the danger of these animals from extinction.

From my point of view, both the government and individuals should concentrate on solving this problem by limiting the impact of human beings because they would not only affect current endangered animals but also threaten other species in the future as well. For instance the trawling of fishing net on the seabed will create muddy water. This disturbance makes the environment unsuitable for the growth of coral reef. Coral reef will soon die, following by the decline of fish population that depends on coral reef for shelter and food. Hence, the damage cause by human activities should be dealt first to avoid other species to become endangered in the future.

In short, resolving the problems of human activities should be the first priority by enforcing and educating, later we can talk about how to take care of animals and relevant donation.



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