Tetiary Education and Future

Tertiary education determines a person’s future?Do you agree?(Discuss)

In my opinion a successful life means one can secure a decent job to free himself from financial burden. While furthering study after secondary school promise them a bright future and a secure job. Some may say in the olden days, even uneducated class starts working as labour workers could become a millionaire entrepreneur after years of hard works. However, a shift of society climate, technology boom and shows tertiary education determines one success in the future.

Nowadays, society is changing as the employment competition is fiercer than before. Unlike the olden days where tertiary education is considered rare, our society is booming with bachelor degree and PhD holders who are applying the same jobs with others. Employer will certainly consider candidates with the highest education in advance because they have a higher literacy and better critical thinking. My neighbour works as a warehouse manager in an electronic companies, he was recruited because he holds a bachelor degree in the Electrical Engineering, even though the daily task doesn’t require any knowledge he learns from tertiary education. Above all, tertiary education can help us to secure a job easier than others.

The boost of technology advancement in recent years makes tertiary education became more important because our jobs are tied with technology. From a waiter taking order using a tablet to the automated factory manufacturing line, technology has always a rest in any types of jobs. For example, China’s manufacturing factories are replacing labour workers with precise movement robots. When the robots are broken, factories will need robot specialist to fix them. Hence, fixing and building these devices require tertiary education as they are more sophisticated and harder to analyse the source of the problem.

In a nutshell, higher education leads us to a brighter future with a better life, because of the changes of the current society and the advancement in technology sector.


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